James is an Engish actor and magician.
He lives in Thailand where he is an active part of Bangkok's growing theatre scene.


 I Am My Own Wife (May 2018)

I Am My Own Wife (May 2018)


This May, James garnered critical acclaim for his performance in the one-man show I Am My Own Wife, the true story of German antiquarian and cult figure Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. Time Out Bangkok described the show by Peel the Limelight as "a riveting success."

Throughout August he is appearing in Hollow. This is the first original work by Peel the Limelight, and an important story about the terrible ordeal of "comfort women" during WWII.

And later this year James will be performing in Peel's final show of 2018, Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman, which will open on 2nd November as part of the Bangkok Theatre Festival.



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